About Mint by Design

Mint by Design is a New Zealand streetwear clothing brand. Started in 2014 by Alexandria, in her Wellington-based home. What started as a passion project to sell adorable soft toys and accessories at local markets, expanded into artworks and stickers and finally into the slow fashion brand it is today. Mint by Design focuses on creating fantastic quality and fun garments, using sustainable and ethical practices.

About Sustainable Practices

  • Slow fashion means we create garments with the intention of being high quality, able to be washed again and again. Timeless pieces to be worn for many years and never go out of style.
  • Made-to-order means we create garments only after your order. There is no excess inventory for garments that are not bought. This also minimizes fabric waste and gives the option of custom sizing.
  • Ethical means to be paid a fair wage, all production costs are factored into the final price of each garment
  • Sustainable means using (GOTS) organic cotton for the jumpsuits. Deadstock fabrics and zero waste practices for our unique, one-off garments to reduce contributing to the fabric and clothing that end up in landfills.

About Alexandria

I started Mint by Design in 2014. I was 16 and wanted a business name for all the soft toys and accessories I loved making so I could sell them at markets and online. It was a hobby business for many years. But I was also building up my ability as a sewer by taking fashion all throughout high school. I studied at UCOL from 2017 to 2019. Getting my Bachelors degree in design and arts, majoring in fashion and textile design. With the skillset and knowledge from my years of hard work, I re-branded my business into a slow fashion brand.

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